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Health care system in Italy

What You Need To Know About The Health Care System In Italy

Everyone needs access to quality health care, yet each nation approaches the issue in different ways. Some countries have national healthcare systems to protect their citizens, while others have for-profit health care where people buy insurance if they can afford it, and if they can’t afford it, they just go without. Italy is known the world over for its quality healthcare system. Read on to learn more about healthcare in Italy.

The health care system in Italy is one of the best in the world and it is run by the government so it is affordable or free for residents. The standards of medical care are high and their hospitals can compete with any in the world. The doctors in Italy are trained well as well. Since Italy has a national health care system, many people choose to get private health insurance as well that can cover things like surgery and hospitalization. Private cover can also help when you don’t want to deal with a long wait which often happens when you have a national health care system. (more…)

The Healthcare System In Italy Is One Of The Best In The World

The healthcare system in America is horrendous, and I hear it’s better in the UK. How is the healthcare system in Italy? While they might not be one of the economic giants when it comes to the countries of the world, I would imagine that their healthcare system is much better than ours. I’m going to take a quick look.

While the award that I found was for 16 years ago, Italy had the 2nd best healthcare system in the entire world at the turn of the century. Now, that sounds like a place where people know they are going to be cared for properly when there is a medical issue. Can you guess the country that was said to have the best healthcare system in the world, the only one ahead of Italy? It was France!

Go figure that France would be the top dog in that category, but that is quite an accomplishment. There are many countries in this world, and many of them do not have a very strong healthcare system for their citizens. As you can imagine, having a good healthcare system brings up the life expectancy for the population, which was at 82.3 years a few years back in Italy.

I know the life expectancy for citizens of the US isn’t that high, and I also know that we continue to struggle with putting up a good healthcare system. One can research statistics on their website. Many people point to European models for healthcare, and I don’t blame them. I think we might need to do what the UK does in regards to health care.

Italy continues to lead the world in many ways when it comes to healthcare, and who knows, they may be #1 now. I may still move to Italy, but I sure do hope we get a healthcare system as good as they have one day.

Advice For Traveling To Italy With A Health Condition

Traveling is a very exciting experience, but it can be complicated if you have a medical condition. Before you head on your trip, it is best to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. Here is a mini checklist you can use to make sure that everything is in order.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Some people avoid travel insurance because it seems like an unnecessary expense, but the reality is that it is a necessity for those with medical conditions. Even if you have insurance, your carrier is not likely to cover you when traveling, so you should have a backup plan.

While travel insurance is a bit costly for those with preexisting conditions, the rates pale in comparison to the amount you would have to pay for medical expenses if you refuse it and you require medical attention for some reason.

Buy A Medical ID Bracelet

You know all of the health issues you are facing, and it is important that Italian doctors know as well. How can they treat you in case of an emergency when they are unsure of what they are dealing with? (more…)

What Does The Healthcare System In Italy Say About The Country?

Do you live in Italy? Maybe you’re looking at the healthcare system in Italy wondering why your country doesn’t have one just like it. Healthcare is always one of the most important political discussions, and it’s one of the most important aspects of life in general. People want to stay healthy and live as long as possible. They are out there working hard, and they want to enjoy retirement in good health.

Not only do they want to be well cared for, but they don’t want to pay through the nose for health insurance. Many countries could learn a few things from Italy, with the country having been at the top of the healthcare industry worldwide for years. There are other countries sharing the recognition up there at the top, but Italy is definitely one of them.

I was writing a piece earlier about healthcare in Italy, and the life expectancy for the country’s citizens jumped out at me. Not only was it higher than the average, but can you believe that they beat most other countries by two whole years? I don’t know about you, but I could use two more years added on to my life thanks to a good healthcare system. The only thing is, my country’s healthcare system is so flawed the politicians don’t know what to do. (more…)

Understanding The Health Care System In Italy

Overall, the health care system in Italy is a good one, offering an exceptional amount of perks for everyone enrolled. As of 2012, studies have shown that the average life expectancy was around 82.3 years. This was actually two years more than the OECD average.

Once World War II was over, Italy worked to re-establish their social security system to include social health insurance. After a lot of changes and structural reform due to a variety of issues, the Italian government then put out their own version of the National Health Service, which included tax funding and universal coverage. Health care in this system is offered to all residents and citizens through a mixed private and public system. The public portion is the National Health Service, organized through the Ministry of Health and administered regionally.

Patients have the ability to choose as well as change their general practitioner, depending upon availability. Family physicians are paid through the Health Service and they have to offer appointments at least five days each week with a limit of 1,500 patients. Prescription drugs may only be obtained if they are prescribed by a doctor and all over the counter drugs are paid for out of pocked. Visits to any specialists or any diagnostic testing will be provided either by private or public hospitals. If prescribed by the family physician, there is usually only one copay that is due. Many who qualify will even be able to get in to see a specialist with the copay being waived.

With the health care system in Italy, surgeries and hospitalizations in either public or private hospitals are free of charge regardless of income level. There are also a number of benefits when it comes to wellness visits, emergency medical services and other health needs available to all citizens and residents of Italy.

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