The healthcare system in America is horrendous, and I hear it’s better in the UK. How is the healthcare system in Italy? While they might not be one of the economic giants when it comes to the countries of the world, I would imagine that their healthcare system is much better than ours. I’m going to take a quick look.

While the award that I found was for 16 years ago, Italy had the 2nd best healthcare system in the entire world at the turn of the century. Now, that sounds like a place where people know they are going to be cared for properly when there is a medical issue. Can you guess the country that was said to have the best healthcare system in the world, the only one ahead of Italy? It was France!

Go figure that France would be the top dog in that category, but that is quite an accomplishment. There are many countries in this world, and many of them do not have a very strong healthcare system for their citizens. As you can imagine, having a good healthcare system brings up the life expectancy for the population, which was at 82.3 years a few years back in Italy.

I know the life expectancy for citizens of the US isn’t that high, and I also know that we continue to struggle with putting up a good healthcare system. One can research statistics on their website. Many people point to European models for healthcare, and I don’t blame them. I think we might need to do what the UK does in regards to health care.

Italy continues to lead the world in many ways when it comes to healthcare, and who knows, they may be #1 now. I may still move to Italy, but I sure do hope we get a healthcare system as good as they have one day.