Everyone needs access to quality health care, yet each nation approaches the issue in different ways. Some countries have national healthcare systems to protect their citizens, while others have for-profit health care where people buy insurance if they can afford it, and if they can’t afford it, they just go without. Italy is known the world over for its quality healthcare system. Read on to learn more about healthcare in Italy.

The health care system in Italy is one of the best in the world and it is run by the government so it is affordable or free for residents. The standards of medical care are high and their hospitals can compete with any in the world. The doctors in Italy are trained well as well. Since Italy has a national health care system, many people choose to get private health insurance as well that can cover things like surgery and hospitalization. Private cover can also help when you don’t want to deal with a long wait which often happens when you have a national health care system.

All Italian citizens are guaranteed health care and the coverage is comprehensive. Coverage includes medication, tests, surgery, and doctor visits. Even dental treatments are covered. People who are employed are covered through work and those people who aren’t covered through work just have to go the the local health authority and register. After registration, a health card is issued and it is possible to make an appointment with a doctor.

Italians have the choice of receiving all their health treatment through the national system, or they can supplement their treatment with private cover. Private cover allows patients to choose their own specialists and doctors. Whatever Italian citizens choose, they are in good hands.